Famous Old Tamil Christian Song Kelungal Tharapadum

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  1. Its a old traditional songs which cant be forgotten by any Christian

  2. I'm Ravimohan a hindu by birth and now 58yrs of age.when I was a small boy I was very much interested in listening this song which was played by a neighbour "thattungal thirakkappadum" in the Gramaphone.The original song started as thattungal thirakkappadum..kelungal kodukkappadum...like that.If I'm correct,it was sung by "Radha Manikkam".But now the song is started as kelungal kodukkappadum...thattungal thirakkappadkum...like that.Lyrics also have been changed to their interest.But old is gold. I wanted to listen the original old song. I hereby request that if anyone is having the old gramaphone record,please upload the original song.It was really a sweet and pleasant to listen the old one. Thanks...~VRavimohan.