About Freddy Joseph

Freddy Joseph is an Evangelist, Preacher, Worship Leader, Singer and a Resource person who works across denominations. His dad was a Tourist Car driver. Freddy started working at the age of 17. At the age of 18 he started his own business, which was highly successful .Later when he was on work at Los Angeles USA ,God called him to share the Gospel, to the unsaved and to minister to the Body of Christ.

He is an anointed preacher and a gifted singer. He uses his musical talents and leadership skills, to reach out to the lost ,to challenge and lead people into the presence of God. He preaches in Gospel meetings conducted by various churches across denominations,conducts leadership seminars,works with various para church organisations, does worship concerts and Gospel rock outreach concerts to contribute to the expansion of God's Kingdom

His Tamil (local language) album, En Meetpar (My Redeemer) is a best- seller of the year 2003-2004, and has ministered to thousands of people across the globe. Many have been drawn to a closer walk with the Lord listening to these timeless classics with powerful lyrics written by Great Men and Women of God. It has also ministered to the broken hearted, and there are numerous testimonies of people being delivered from depression. Those contemplating suicide have given their lives to the Lord having heard about the love of Christ and his compassion through these songs, and there are those who have comeback to the Lord after having back slid. All praise and glory to God who has blessed this album and drawn people into his Presence.

Freddy ministers among students in colleges and schools. He also ministers in various denominational churches, fellowships, youth groups, and conducts retreats, camps, workshops etc, by using various creative methods to proclaim the Gospel. He has a team of about 20 youngsters, who are mostly students and young professionals, all of them his good friends, who share his vision and have a burden to reach out to the lives of people and make a difference.

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  1. Hello... Greetings in Jesus name...

    Can i get tamil lyrics of En Meetpar, or if any one can send me i would be greatful...
    my email Id gladson82@yahoo.com

    Thank you
    God Bless

  2. Hello Friends...
    Can anyone help me to get lyrics of En Meetpar and help me how to download mp3 version of En Meetpar songs..plz jeganjoy5@gmail.com

  3. plz can u help me 2 download enmeetper songs

  4. Karthick please do not download any songs cause its not the right thing
    as the money from the CD sales goes to the ministries so please try and buy a CD or mail freddy he would be more than glad to send you his CD for the appropriate cost

  5. http://www.tamilchristianshop.com

    please visit this site to buy the CD

  6. Hi there, i trust all is well with you, I have bought all 4 volumes from Chennai, It would have been great if there are lyrics to the praise and worship songs. I am currently looking for the lyrics done in english. I am looking for the lyrics in volume 3 song number 2. Please email to me jasonm.worldmissions@live.com

  7. hello brother,i could like to have the lyrics in english for all the songs.if u could help us out or if u can send a mail to suriyaram_5@yahoo.co.in

    thank u

  8. Hi Brother thank you for your wonderful songs

  9. hello brother,i could like to have the lyrics in english for all the songs.if u could help us out or if u can send a mail to joshuadaniel44@yahoo.com

    thnx br0..

  10. hi brother your en meetper vol1 was really an heart touching album which made me feel the love of our father god for us. i am so glad and feel blessed whenever i listen to your songs.

    thanks a lot brother
    god bless you

  11. hi brother ,may i please have the lyrics of the songs ..mounamai irukathey and en devan en velicham ..angel.stephen187@gmail.com ..thank you very much ...

  12. I love the en meetpar songs. I am going to download them.

  13. Iam his big fan sornthu pogathey song is a life changing song to many youths...